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Sorghum color

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    Sorghum red plate combination.
    1. Color: dark red light red.
    2.. Material: natural sandstone.
    3. Processing method: natural cleavage.
    4. Supporting specifications: 80*400*12-20 and 200*400*12-20 combination.
    100*400*12-20 and 200*400*12-20.
    100*600*15-25 and 300*600*15-25.
    5. Conventional thickness weight parameters:
    25 m2 / ton (100*400*12-20 and 200*400*12-20 composite unit mm)
    20 m2 / ton (100*600*15-25 and 300*600*15-25 combination unit mm)
    6. Packing: 1) bulk (domestic site usage) 2) muto (domestic site usage)
    3) ordinary wooden cases (domestic and export are customary. Strong and strong for long distance transportation, if the export needs fumigation.
    4) avoid fumigation plywood (special for export, fumigation, slightly inferior to ordinary wooden cases).
    6. Application scope: high-end residential areas, villas, clubs, hot spring hotels, resorts, beautiful countryside construction, etc.
    7. Sales line: WeChat, mobile phone no. 15132950888 (if you need more clear pictures, please call or WeChat), fushun stone is dedicated to your service.
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