HeBei Good SLATE factory (formerly known as prince yan shi caihang HeBei province), the main natural SLATE, mushroom stone, cultural stone, shape, net, loose stone, was founded in 1996, is located in the taihang mountain - natural sandstone, quartzite staging area, SLATE rich in resources, is a collection of mining, stone processing, product design and development, the sale is a body comprehensive enterprise. After more than ten years of hard struggle, now the original scale, owns a large powder sandstone mine, small quartzite mine several. Two main plant areas, annual production [siltstone] [sesame yellow] [quartzite] and other high quality panels of more than 200,000 square meters. Successively built in jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai, guangdong, guangxi, Inner Mongolia, shenyang and other cities garden villa, community, engineering, beautiful rural construction projects, at the same time, the products sell well in international, are exported to Europe, the americas, the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Our factory mainly USES natural sandstone, quartzite, SLATE as raw material, refined into flat stone, loose stone, random stone, culture stone, mushroom stone, fire board, subsurface, net paste, Mosaic and so on. It covers more than 10 kinds of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, purple, brown, black, white, grey, powder and so on. Rusted quartz, sapphire blue quartz, powder quartz, white quartz, green quartz, black quartz, yellow quartz, grey quartz; Siltstone, white sandstone red sandstone, purple sandstone, sorghum red; Sesame yellow, sesame white; Yellow wood grain, white wood grain; Red crystal, white crystal, powder crystal, tiger skin yellow, silver palm plate, black and white flowers, landscape, taihang ash, forest green, Marine green, grassland green, etc.
12 years of elaboration, 12 years of excellent quality -- choose fushun, choose quality, choose the advantage. [self-run mine], select the best quality waste materials; [autonomous transport] to reduce transportation costs; [exquisite craftsmanship], 12 years of gouge, continuous development and innovation; [independent design], the style is constantly updated; [sincere service], trustworthy. The factory has advanced production equipment, professional technical personnel, strict quality control system, excellent sales team, with the intention to create excellent products and services. The location of the factory is superior, adjacent to the beijing-shenzhen expressway and the beijing-guangzhou railway. It is about 400 km from tianjin port of shijiazhuang, hebei province, and 700 km to huangdao port of Qingdao.
Our products as a kind of green environmental protection building materials products, raw materials used rocks formed billions of years ago, the quality of hard, bright color, acid and alkali resistant, low radiation and the sound insulation heat preservation performance is good, rich colors of nature. Products are widely used in villas, courtyards, homes, gardens, communities, parks, squares, and other buildings. Mellow natural, noble and elegant, match the urbanites to return to nature, return to nature interest. Gradually become the first choice ideal material for interior and exterior decoration of modern city.
My factory since its inception, with its high quality products, good reputation, perfect service, win market recognition, more than 10 years we always adhere to quality first, the prestige supreme "management objective, with excellent quality, honest business trade with customers at home and abroad for extensive and sincere cooperation. We are looking for foreign trade dealers, real estate agents, dealers, and colleagues in the stone industry to join hands, mutual benefit and win-win future!



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