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Cement side stick

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    1. Color: pink and gray rust.
    2. Material: natural granite.
    3. Bonding form: 1) side adhesion (back shows cement, glue, plastic net)
    2) cement (back is metal mesh, cement)
    3) back bonding (metal mesh, glue)
    4. Processing method: natural splitting section, cutting, hand-chipping and bonding.
    5. Specifications: 20*55 15*55 Z type or 15*60 20*60, thickness: 3.5-4.5. Side glue made of 3-4 unit cm or customized according to customer requirements.
    6. Conventional thickness weight parameter: about 15 m2 / ton.
    7. Packing: 1) wooden cases (domestic site usage)
    3) carton + ordinary wooden box (domestic and export usage. Strong and strong for long distance transportation, if the export needs fumigation.
    4) paper box + fumigation plywood (special for export, fumigation, slightly less than normal wooden cases)
    8. Application range: high-end residential areas, villas, clubs, hot spring hotels, resorts, beautiful countryside construction, etc.
    9. Sales line: WeChat of mobile phone no. 15132950888 (if you need more clear pictures, please call or WeChat), fushun stone is dedicated to your service.


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